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Homemade Hacks for Pre-Packaged Snacks

Let’s talk snacks. I grew up being known as the house with no food because we never had pre packaged snacks in the house. Truth is, we had food. Plenty of it! But we had to either make something or grab a piece of fruit instead of unwrapping a bar or opening a bag. We used to complain about this all the time ( and so did our friends 😂 ). But because of this, my brother and I both learned to love cooking at an early age. 👩🏻‍🍳 We created some real masterpieces of concoctions 😬 like my brother would add everything, I mean everything!!! to eggs 🤢 as an easy lunch during the summer.

As annoying as we used to find it, I’m glad they did it! And sorry kids, our house is just as lame 😂 So here are 3 simple ideas that are homemade hacks of prepackaged snacks my kids love!! 1. 🥜 Frozen peanut butter bites – these are packed with peanut butter, honey, coconut flour, oats, ground flaxseed, and chocolate chips. These are one of mamas favorite late night snacks!! 2. 🥕 I got my kids to try hummus with those individual pretzel hummus combos. I then started making my own at home and eventually turned the pretzels into veggies. Without the prepackaged snack to start, I don’t know that my oldest would have ever taken a bite to see he loved hummus!

3. 🧀 These are our latest faves. The combo of cheese cubes with nuts and dried fruit hit the trifecta of a perfect snack in my book. Salty, sweet, and cheese.

Was your house the cool one with all the good snacks growing up?! I remember my one friend always had pop tarts and I loved spending the night there for that reason alone 🤣 Or were you like us and no one wanted to come over 😂😉


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