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DIY Chalk Paint

Did you know you can make your own chalk paint with 3 simple ingredients you probably already have on hand? My kids LOVE this stuff and I love how much more vibrant the colors are than traditional chalk when it dries. It also doesn’t smear or rub off!

Chalk Paint ( measurements per color )

1 Tbs flour or cornstarch

1/4 cup water

5 drops of food coloring

Take a muffin tin and in each cup add in the 1 Tbs flour then squirt in the food coloring. You can mix them and make them any colors your want! Add in water to eat cup and let the kids stir them up with a toothpick. Grab a paintbrush and head outside, paint away!!

My kids love to paint this stuff everywhere from the sidewalk to the trees! It kept them busy for an hour and every time we make it they immediately want to do it again another day.

Crummy weather today? SAVE this post for later!!


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