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10 Waffle Cute Kids Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast in our house consists of whatever I can throw in their mouth quickest!! But on weekend I like to try and take the mornings slower and make one of their favorites, waffles. Waffles make food art super easy!! I like to use a mini waffle maker ( affiliate link ) but you could always make larger waffles with a full size one. These vary slightly in level of difficulty but there are plenty very easy options!

10 Waffle Cute Kids Breakfast!

Waffle that looks like a jellyfish


Cut the waffle in half and add banana slices with blueberries for eyes. Add lines of blueberries.

Waffle covered in blueberries to look like a fish


Layer blueberries on top of the waffle. Add banana slices with blueberries for eyes. Use a small heart cookie cutter to make the mouth out of a red apple. Blue corn tortilla chips for fins and a tail. Use a plastic bag with yogurt to make little dots for bubbles.

Waffle cut to look like a pineapple with kiwi leaves


Round the edges of a waffle and trim off the bottom. Add sliced kiwi as leaves on top.

Waffle that looks like a rocket with fruit


Round the edges of a waffle just like the pineapple. Cut 2 semi circles of mango and slice off one end of each. Place one on each side of the rocket. Cut a grape in half and put each half in the center of the rocket as windows.

Slice blueberries in half and place them at the bottom of the rocket in a row. Slice strawberries into triangles for flames and use a cookie cutter for mango stars!

Waffle with greek yogurt to look like an ice cream cone

Ice Cream Cone

Cut a waffle into a triangle as the cone. Add a heaping cup of Greek Yogurt as the ice cream. Top and sprinkles!

Waffle with clementines around and a fruit face to look like a lion


Cut 4 small rounds of waffle. Cut two of them in half, use one half to be the jaw. Put 2 waffle rounds on top of the jaw for the cheeks. Cut a triangle strawberry for the nose. Add banana slices and blueberries for eyes. Add two more waffle halves on each side of the top of the head as ears. Arrange clementine sections around the entire waffle for a mane.

A waffle cut to look like a volcano with strawberry lava


Cut a triangle out of the waffle. Next, cut random wedges out of the top of the triangle. Slice kiwis to use as grass and place blueberries for water.

To make lava, puree fresh strawberries in a blender. Pipe lines of lava but putting the puree into a plastic bag and snipping a small corner.

Waffle cut to look like a school bus

School Bus

Cut the sides and bottom off of the waffle and stack those cuts at the base of the waffle to be the front of the bus. Add a provolone cheese windshield with cucumber sliver wipers. Cut rounds of yellow pepper for lights and red pepper stop sign. Add slices of plums for wheels.

Waffle cut to look like a pencil


Cut off the sides of the waffle to make one strip. Next, cut a thing slice of apple into a triangle. You can use a scalloped biscuit cutter to get the ruffled edge. Cute a blueberry in half to use as lead. Lastly, use a slice of strawberry as the eraser.

Waffle cut to look like a mushroom with strawberry puree and banana slices


Cut a waffle in half. Slice the side off of one of the halves and place it below as the stalk of the mushroom.

Spread strawberry puree on top of the top half and use banana slices as spots.


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