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5 Waffle Cute Kids Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast in our house consists of whatever I can throw in their mouth quickest!! But on weekend I like to try and take the mornings slower and make one of their favorites, waffles. Waffles make food art super easy!! I like to use a mini waffle maker ( affiliate link ) but you could always make larger waffles with a full size one. Here are 4 simple ideas to make your kids breakfast a little extra special.




Cut the waffle in half




Strawberries - cut them into slices and half slices for claws, cut again to make the legs and arms.


Blueberries - layer on top of the waffle


Apple - use a small heart cookie cutter to make the mouth

Blue corn tortilla chips

Yogurt - use a plastic bag to make little dots for bubbles

Ice Cream Cones

Cut a waffle into a triangle as the cone. Top with sliced bananas and sprinkles or use greek yogurt and sprinkles. Top with a cherry ( or raspberry! ) and enjoy!


Round the edges of a waffle and trim off the bottom. Add sliced kiwi as leaves on top.

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