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4 Tips for Kid Approved Snack Trays

Summer is the season of the snack tray and I love serving them for easy no cook meals. It’s also something I know my kids will devour!! We love making all different kids of trays. You can customize it to your kids tastes. We've made a tray for tacos, breakfast, and even dessert! It's a fun interactive way to eat.

Here are my 4 tips for kid approved snack trays:

1️⃣ Add dips! It makes the food interactive and it’s just way more fun to try flavor combos when dips are involved.

2️⃣ Include a variety of foods. Salty, sweet, crunchy - yummy!! I like to serve fruits, veggies, protein, crackers, cheese, and a little treat all on the same tray.

3️⃣ Cut the food bite sized or age appropriate so there are no choking hazards. This makes it easier for them to dive right in!

4️⃣ Use food picks or little tongs for easy grabbing! It also can help them work on using these utensils.


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