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Simple Snack Tray Supper

This post is sponsored by Simple Truth. All thoughts, ideas, and opinions are my own.

Cooking burnout is REAL! And I have been majorly feeling it lately. Enter the snack tray. My kids absolutely love it AND it's super simple to throw together! We eat these once a week so I can take a break from cooking and also use up things we have around.

Supplies Needed:

Tray: I like to keep it easy and just use a small cookie sheet. You can use really any sort of tray, even a muffin tin!

Cups: Any sort of small container will work to hold small items or dips. I use silicone baking cups!

Utensils ( optionals ): The great thing about snack trays is they are finger food friendly but my kids love to use their food picks when we make it.

Snack trays are a great way to customize a meal for your family without the hassle of having to really cook. Well, I did make these Meatless Chicken Tenders but you literally just throw them in the oven! I was surprised how much they tasted like actual chicken nuggets! You can use what you have on hand or even let the kids help pick out what to use. I like to make sure at least half is filled with items my kids love ( cheddar kangaroos, fruit, and carrots ) and add in some other items they are still learning. They might be more willing to try them in this setting and it's always worth a shot! Here's all that was on our tray:

Meatless Chicken Tenders




Baby Carrots

Cheddar Kangaroos





Sweet Peppers

Yogurt Tubes

To assemble:

I like to start with the cups as the base. I fill them and place them around the tray. Next I add the larger items like the tenders. Then fill around the cups with the other items gathered for your tray. There's no special method to this! Simply fill the tray up and once it's full, you're done!

When our snack tray is complete we gather around the table, take it to a blanket outside, or even inside a tent in our living room! It's portable and a great conversation piece. We can talk about our days and all share a meal together because that's more important than cooking a fancy meal anyways.


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