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Tray for Two Date Night In

Tray for two! We’re taking our Friday night tradition ( Fri-tray, where we serve dinner on a sheet pan with the less cooking the better ) and making it a date night! A smaller sheet pan filled with all of the heart shaped things perfect for Valentine's Day coming up. These trays for two aren’t just for you and your partner!! I love doing them with my kids one-on-one too.

On the tray:

🍕 English muffin pizzas

🍓 strawberry hearts + raspberries

❤️ heart veggie straws

😘 chocolate kisses

🍫 mini nutella

💋 sour lips

The great thing about these trays is that you can really make them your own. We do all kinds of trays from movie night snack trays, breakfast, or even fry trays!

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