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Our Favorite Family Games

FAVORITE GAMES 🎲 My boys ( 2.5 years and almost 5 years ) LOVE playing games. These are our current favorites that they would play all day if they could ( and now that we’re home for a few weeks we probably will 😬 ) I also included a puzzle because my toddler really loves these big floor puzzles along with my preschooler. I added all of these games to my Amazon Shop ( *affiliate link ) if you’re looking for something to keep your family occupied! Here’s my take on each one. 🍭 Candyland - This is a faster game if you’re wanting a quick play. You move by colors not numbers so it’s great for younger ones too!

🐞 The Ladybug Game - This game was made by a 1st Grader! I find this one a little annoying to be honest The rules make it last longer than I want to play but it is great for younger kids! 🐒 Sequence for Kids - There are a few variations of this one! Ours is animals but they also have numbers and letters. We played the adult sequence game a lot so

it’s fun to get to play this version with the kids. I really enjoy this one too! 🚂 Ticket to Ride - My oldest got this for Christmas and we’ve already played it 390483 times. It took a little bit for him to understand it but he loves it. I don’t mind it either! Definitely geared towards ages 5+. There is an adult version of this game too. 🧩 Puzzles - We have like 5 of these big floor puzzles along with 10 other random ones! My boys have all really loved sitting and working on puzzles together. Does you family have a favorite game to play together? I’d love to hear about it!

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