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Introducing Darling Deliveries!!!

INTRODUCING DARLING DELIVERIES!! When I was doing kids workshops last year I had so many of you that aren’t local that wanted to experience them with your kids, so I decided to bring you the fun in the form of a kit to do at home!!

The first kit features the book Cotton Candy Clouds written by local mom Sara D. Moore! She wrote it for her son Avett who is blind so he could experience the beauty of cotton candy skies.

The Cotton Candy Clouds kit also includes 2 cotton candy scented play dough balls with

sweet themed charms great for sensory play, a mini wood rolling pin and scoop, a personalized color changing cup + straw, and a yummy cotton candy colored smoothie recipe!

These kits are $30 + $5 shipping or free local delivery. Each one has been thoroughly tested for fun by my kids 😄 and are recommended for kids 3+ I’m planning to release a new kit every month and I can’t wait to share them with you!!

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