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Plates for Picky Eaters

I'm always trying to find new ways to get my kids excited for meal time. Whether it's with food art, new recipes, fun utensils or even cool plates! I rounded up some of our favorites that my picky eaters love. These plates won't guarantee your kids will eat it or even try it, but it just might!

These are my kids FAVORITE plates! They come in a variety of custom designs. We have the vehicles plate, train plate, and even a little me plate that looks like them! Each plate has the option to come with a cookie cutter that makes the fun shapes like cars, a train, and even clothes.

I also have a ton of fun creating little scenes on these plates! This spring farm one is one of the favorite things I've ever made :)

She also has an adorable line of lunch boxes, placemats, and an eat the rainbow game that has gotten my pickiest eater to try ANYTHING!

These plates really make new foods more approachable for my picky eaters and I highly recommend checking them out!

This plate creates a safe space for new foods. The slight circle indent reminds up that new foods should be served in small quantities. It gives the kid the visual that there will be a new food served here. I never pressure to eat or even try a new food.

I always fill the rest of the plate with things they like or love.

This plate is can also be a game! It opens up and you can place different foods inside. The top knob spins so they can go around from food to food.

We like to make a rainbow and go through and eat each color! I tend to do more snack trays than meals in this plate but it makes it fun to switch it up!


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