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Milk Makes Our World Go ‘Round!

This post has been sponsored by Borden. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

In our house, milk makes the world go ‘round. We literally go through like 3 gallons a week! It’s one thing I can always count on my picky eaters to gulp down, no complaints. We love to start our mornings with Borden milk because they use no artificial ingredients, hormones, or antibiotics, and is made with real, fresh cow’s milk. The boys can’t get enough of the delicious chocolate milk, my husband loves to start his day with an ice cold glass, and I drink it in my matcha. Which is why we are super excited that Borden is now back in Ohio!

Sometimes I have trouble getting my kids to eat meat, but I can always count on them to get a great source of protein through cow’s milk. Borden Milk makes for a rich source of high-quality protein, just what my growing little picky eaters need! I don’t have to worry as much and I know they are also getting important nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, potassium, and vitamin D.

My kids love to get in the kitchen with me to cook and many of our favorite foods use milk. I love to make overnight oats and smoothies with Borden 2% White Milk. It gives it a rich and creamy texture that both myself and my kids love. We add in peanut butter and top it with fresh fruit to make a spin on PB&J!

Borden Dutch Chocolate Milk is my favorite way to refuel after an intense half marathon training workout! Milk replaces the calcium and sodium that I sweat out logging those miles, along with carbs to give me energy and protein to repair my muscles. Oh, and it’s totally delicious!

Find out where to grab a gallon HERE.

Milk is a part of our daily lives and my number one most requested item for my husband to pick up on his way home from work. My kids love it because it tastes great and I love it because it fills them up with so many nutrients. Cheers to that!


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