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Keeping Kids Safe in the Kitchen

This post is sponsored by Zulay. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My kids have always loved getting involved in the kitchen with me when I'm cooking! Even

before they were two years old I had them dumping pre-measured ingredients into a bowl.

The earlier you start with teaching kids the basics on kitchen safety, the better! There have been many studies that show getting your kids involved in preparing the meals can really help get them more interested in trying the food. When you're mom to picky eaters that's a MAJOR bonus and worth every single spill.

Over the years I've taught them to not touch the oven and stovetop because it is hot by letting them help me at the stove. We've talked about not licking out hands after touching certain ingredients like raw meat or eggs because it will make us sick. They have learned that there are certain tools in the kitchen they aren't allowed to use yet that are sharp and could injure them.

As they have gotten older I have let them be more involved while still taking necessary

precautions. These kid safe knives from Zulay have been so great at helping my kids learn knife safety while also building their confidence in the kitchen. The serrated knife edge is designed to cut soft fruits and veggies without cutting your skin and the blunt tips stops them from accidentally poking themselves. The set includes 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large nylon knife so they can grow with them. The larger the knife, the easier it is for smaller hands to control. They are made from durable nylon with a rubber handle to prevent slipping. 

Is it almost always messer when the kids help in the kitchen? Definitely. Is it still totally worth it when you see their face light up? You bet! These kid safe knives would make a great gift for the budding chef or for little ones you want to get exploring in the kitchen.

Grab your set of kid safe knives here!


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