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How to Make the Best Snack Tray

It's been a month since I blogged and honestly it's because I AM SO TIRED OF COOKING. This quarantine might just kill my love of being in the kitchen 😩 And it’s even more

frustrating that half my family has decided they don’t want to eat anything I cook.

I told my husband the other day I felt like I had no appetite because my body knows if it feels hungry, it will have to cook 🤣 he has helped with the cooking but I’m not one for mac and cheese or pizza every single night!

I have been on a major snack tray kick. It involves no 🙅‍♀️ cooking and all you do is literally just put things on a cookie sheet. The kids ALWAYS devour it. Sometimes I think if I call anything a snack they will eat it. Snack sushi 🍣 or maybe snack soup 🍜 who knows 😆 but it always so good to get a break. This is also one of our must haves for family movie nights!

I always just use a small cookie sheet to keep it super simple but you would use any tray or even a muffin tin. Remember, the key to the best snack tray is no cooking involved! So don't feel the need to actually make anything for this. Sometimes I have leftover muffins I will throw on there that I cooked earlier.

These trays can be filled with whatever foods your family loves! You can even have the kids help pick out what to serve. It's also a great way to get picky eaters to try new foods. When they see it all out

with no pressure they might feel more inclined to take a bite. Want to know how to make the best snack tray?

Here are some ideas for your snack tray!

Fresh Fruit

Veggies cut and peeled ready to eat

Cheese sticks or cubes

Pretzels or popcorn

Dips ( Hummus, Ranch, Yogurt )

Something sweet

Prepackaged snacks

The list is endless! Now who is going to come do the dishes? 😉


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