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baby eczema help

At my little one’s 4 month check up, I noticed he was getting a little red rash on his belly and neck. The pediatrician look one look and said “Eczema!” The pediatrician said to first start by changing the laundry detergent, body wash and lotions I was using because the fragrance can be tough on sweet newborn skin! Over the next few days we tried different things I picked up at the store and nothing seemed to make a different. It looked like it only got worse. We switched detergents to All Free & Clear and that immediately stopped the flare up from getting worse. We finally stopped it from continuing to spread but now my little man was covered in red dry patches and none of the lotions were working. Then, I found Tubby Todd!

Within 24 hours his eczema was greatly improved and within a week, his skin was smooth and hydrated – just as baby should be! We started with using their Hair & Body Wash and All Over Ointment ( this ointment had claims of being so incredibly amazing I would want to order it in bulk! I was skeptical but willing to try anything that would help calm baby skin ). The ointment is JUST as amazing as the reviews say. It’s totally fragrance free ( unlike so many products I found on the shelves that claimed to be ) it’s thick but easy to rub in, and holy cow is it hydrating!!! My hands feel like velvet from applying it on him! I slathered it all over my little guys body to help really get some moisture back in his skin.

Now use the Hair & Body Wash every bath time and put on the Everyday Lotion & Dream Cream all over his body daily and we use the All Over Ointment for the flare ups of really dry spots. Guys, I’m hooked. This is a really awesome product for those with sensitive skin and eczema. I just ordered everything in duplicates so we never have to run out!!! This isn’t an ad or sponsored post, just a mom who’s happy to have found something that will get my little guy relief.

Want to try it out? Use this link to get 10% off your order!

Ready to see it in action? These are before using it and one week after using the products for bath time and rubbing the All Over Ointment all over his body 2 times a day.



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